• Anuj Sharedalal
    This is an investment opportunity pertaining to a leading infertility treatment services chain present in Western India. The management's sole aim is to establish state-of-the-art IVF super specialty clinics offering advanced fertility treatment using the latest technologies across multiple centres in western India and other parts of the country.

    About the company:

    • The Company is a provider of infertility treatment services from its state-of-the-art specialty centres located in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat and Udaipur; Since its founding in 2013, the clinic chain has firmly established itself as one of the leading providers of infertility treatment in Gujarat and western India;
    • The Company is an early adopter of some of the most advanced and emerging technologies in the field of reproductive medicine such as time lapse incubator, IMSI for best sperm selection, triple gas bench incubators, matcher-witnessing systems (for the first time in Asia), 0.3 micron clean air IVF labs; Advanced technology combined with stringent clinical protocols have led to high success rates for its patients compared to industry standards, and has resulted in establishing itself as a leading provider of infertility treatment in the region;
    • The Company is founded by an accomplished IVF specialist, who completed his initial training in IVF and embryology with LARS Johnson, Sweden; Dr is well known in the region for following strict quality protocols and is also recognized for playing a pioneering role in the industry in establishing treatment protocols such as 'Freeze all embryo', 'Transfer less and freeze more embryo concept, 'only 5th day blastocyst transfer' and individualised protocols for recurrent IVF failure patients;
    • The Company has successfully attracted talent and has built strong medical capabilities at all levels and across multiple locations;
    • The company achieved Revenue of INR 350 Mn during FYE March 2019 and is estimated to achieve INR 400 Mn during FYE March 2020;
    • The Company has witnessed sustained rapid growth in footfalls at all its clinics including its new units;
    • All the units including its new centres are profitable ;
    • Having established itself firmly in the region, the company has drawn a growth plan for further expansion in other parts of western and northern India;

    Fund requirement (in brief):

    Total fund requirement is of USD 7 million. A leading PE Fund in India has pumped in about USD 3.5 million. The specific ask in this case is about USD 3.5 million to be invested in equity shares of the company. The investment can be made by a PE Fund/Family Office/Ultra HNIs and the like.

    Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is permissible upto 100% in the healthcare/hospital/medical sector in India.

    Please contact us for more details about the opportunity. Stay safe!
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