• Membership of the marketplace

    Membership of the M&A Marketplace is open to anyone in a member firm of MGI Worldwide or CPAAI. To join click on Create account. Please complete all the fields. Note that your email address is public.

    On creating an account, there are two steps before you become member of the marketplace:

    • Confirm your email address. An automatic email will go the email address you registered with. When you receive this email, just click on the Confirm email link.
    • Be accepted by an administrator of the marketplace. One of us has to confirm acceptance. This is to ensure that only people from MGI Worldwide or CPAAI firms are accepted as members.

    Member profile

    Once you have been accepted please log in and check your profile (click on update profile at top left or the YOU menu time and then edit profile). You should also check your notification preferences in set preferences. (see "Notifications" below)

    Posting opportunities

    Only members of the marketplace can post opportunities. To post, click on Post a new opportunity. Please give as much useful information as you can publicly display, in particular:

    • Nature of the company and industry
    • Location
    • Approximate annual turnover (revenue)
    • Type of opportunity (e.g sale, purchase, merger, investment etc)

    You can attach files and insert images if you wish. The easiest way to insert images is to drag them from Windows Explorer or Apple Finder straight into the post.

    Posts are checked ("moderated") by us and we may edit or reject them before they appear. This means it may take a day or so before your post actually appears - please be patient with us! If we do need to reject a post, we will discuss this with you beforehand.

    Comments, private messages and bookmarking

    You can respond publicly to posts with a comment. If you want to send a private message within the forum directly to a member who posted an opportunity, click on their name and then click on the "Send a message". You can also look up their profile in the Members list and email them.

    If you are interested in following someone else's post and any comments made to it, you can bookmark a post by clicking on the star symbol just underneath the post title (hover your mouse over the title).

    Registered guests

    If you are not in a firm which is a member of MGI Worldwide or Mackrell International but are interested in the opportunities posted, you may create an account and be accepted as a Registered Guest. Please indicate briefly where you are from (company name and location) and why you want to be a Registered Guest. Registered Guests may view and post comments on opportunities and send messages to other users. Unregistered guest may view opportunities but not comment or send private messages.


    By default all members and registered users will receive a weekly digest by email of any new opportunities posted during the week. If you do not want to continue to receive a digest, please click on Unsubscribe at the foot of the email.

    You can also configure whether you want to receive immediate email notifications about opportunities which you have posted or in which you have a specific interest (including those you have bookmarked - see above). Click on Update profile at top left and then choose Set preferences.


    To get back to the Marketplace home page from wherever you are, click on the MGI Worldwide logo at top left. To see the list of opportunities, go to the home page or click on All discussions at the left. To see the full text of an opportunity, click on its title. To see the profile of a poster, click on their name. You can also see a full list of members by clicking on the MEMBERS menu item at the top of the page. You can see any private messages exchanged with you in the Marketplace by clicking on the INBOX menu item.

    Please email Clive Bennett ( if you have any problems with or comments on using the Marketplace.

    Access to the M&A Marketplace and the confirmation of member and registered guest accounts is controlled by the administrators of the marketplace. We reserve the right to edit or reject posts and to block users for any reason we see fit.